$3-Million Dollar Voice Mail

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Recently, Susan posted  a blog that generated a lot of discussion on the merits of leaving a voice mail. There were numerous comments left debating both sides of the issue. I would like to relay a quick voice mail story that happened at one of my clients this past week.

The clients sales team had long debated the pros and cons of leaving a voice mail message and a few of the sales people decided they were going to start  leaving a well crafted voice mail and see if they would be successful.

Two days later one of the rep’s called me up so excited they were almost coming through the phone. He had left a voice mail for a prospect who he had never spoken to at a company on his target list.  Twenty minutes after he left the voice mail the contact from the prospects company called him back to find out more about the product he was selling.

Instead of launching into a ‘pitch’ about his product he asked the prospect what prompted them to call. It turns out the client had just been told by a major supplier they would not be renewing their contract and shipments of the products would stop. The prospect pegged the value of the contract at over $3 million and asked for a meeting immediately to disuss the opportunity.  Not bad for a 20 second voice mail.

By the way, all the sales team has started to leave voice mails.


Robert J. Weese

Managing Partner


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