A Balanced Score Card Approach to Hiring Sales People

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When hiring your next sales representative, keep in mind that the candidate who has the best interview and the best personality may not be the best sales person to sell what you want sold. As such, you need a balanced score card approach to hiring.

Define your ideal sales candidate before you start interviewing and gauge all candidates to it. Make a list of interview questions before hand so you can compare all the candidates’ answers using the same scale. Use sales aptitude assessments to determine if there are any red flags you are missing and guide you in developing specific questions for the candidate reference checks.

Studies have shown that hiring the wrong sales person will cost an organization between 3 and 5 times their annual compensation plan in lost revenue, management time, training costs, customer goodwill and expenses. Hiring a sales person using a balanced score card approach drastically minimizes your risks and maximizes your chance of making the right decision in the first place.

Remember as the old saying goes, “It’s hard to soar like an eagle when you work with turkeys.” More motivational quotes.

For more information and detailed instructions on how to execute a recruiting strategy to find the best sales candidate for your organization Action Plan For Sales Management Success.

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