Don’t Make This Mistake When You Job Hunt On Line

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Is it a resume or a virus?

Each week tens of thousands of people apply to companies on line and many are never considered serious candidates because of one simple mistake. They send an email that does not include any information other than their attached resume.  

Even worse, many job hunters are now simply posting links to their on line resume in hopes that employers are willing to open a link from someone they do not know.

While this may seem like a fast way to apply for a job, this could easily backfire on you. Most often you are not getting past the spam blockers or the pre-screening process that protects companies from outside threats.

We have all been told repeatedly by internet security experts and companies who make virus protection software to never open attachments unless you know and trust the sender.

It’s too easy for people to send viruses and other harmful threats via email so most companies never open an email that does not include a brief introduction note and your contact information.

If you want to be taken seriously and have more prospective employers open your resume then you need to present yourself as a business professional and this includes a very brief cover letter along with your resume.

A recent study reported that your resume is 5 times more likely to be opened if there is a short cover email introducing yourself and your interest in the position.

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