Home Office: Does Your Customer Care?

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Many business people, specifically those just starting out that previously worked out of a “bricks & mortar location are nervous about letting clients find out they wok from a home office.  First they don’t’ know what to say when someone requests a meeting at their office and then there is  always the fear the client will think they are “small potatoes” because I don’t have an office building.

How do you address these challenges?

 I was a manufacturer’s rep for over 20 years and operated out of a home office when I was not travelling. First I will suggest that many home offices, mine included are better equipped than any of the cubby holes and “pods” I have seen people stuck in when working for large corporations.  The second point is to not call it a home office just call it your office.

The perception is often more your problem than your clients concern. Here are some quick ideas and answers:

Remember This:

~       There are multi-million dollar companies operating out of home offices

~       You are doing your part to protect the environment by not commuting

~       You can help more customers by not commuting –you can get 2-3 extra productive hours that your not wasting on travel.

~       You are happier & more productive person who is better able to help clients with their problems & challenges

~       Many successful business started in college dorms, basements & garages  –  DELL, MICROSOFT, FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, &  B2B Sales Connections to name a few

 Possible Answers/Suggestions:

~       Lets meet at a Coffee Shop and we can both get away from the distractions of our offices and then we can really focus on our project

~       I am a member of the local chamber of commerce and would like to meet you in our boardroom at that location. (very inexpensive)

~       I will be in your area   __________________  I would be happy to meet you at your office  to save you the commute here and back.

 Here’s a suggestion, find a local restaurant or coffee shop run by someone who will appreciate the business and invite your clients to meet you there. You will begin a relationship with the owner and help a local business person grow. 


Robert J. Weese

B2B Sales Connections      


2 thoughts on “Home Office: Does Your Customer Care?

  1. Thanks for the helpful tips. Another problem I’ve come to bypass is the perception that if you’re by yourself offering a service, you’re not up to the challenge and / or workload. I’ve come to mention “we” in numerous presentations… “Our team members”, etc. Which has somehow given my service more weight… Strange, isn’t it ?

    Unfortunately, some still find it hard to believe that technology and having a great network of people specialized in other tasks than daily operations, help you do what you do best: Be there for customers.

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