How To Start A Career In Sales

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I was asked recently by a soon to be college graduate how he should start his sales career.  I understood why he was asking.  After all a career in sales can be very rewarding. Not only are good sales professionals always in demand in the marketplace regardless of economic conditions, they also earn well above average for Canadians according to Human Resources & Development Canada. Sales people are also more upwardly mobile, with 85% of today’s CEO’s, Presidents and senior executives coming from a background in sales.

It’s not difficult to find out if a sales career is right for you. A sales aptitude survey will tell you if you have the right personality and skills to be successful. Some can even suggest what type of selling would suit you best. Once you discover that you have the skills, then it’s just a matter of the right training and you’re on your way.

Is a sales career right for you? I think it is certainly worth investigating. Mind you, after 22 plus years in sales, some might say I am biased!

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