Should You Leave A Voice Mail?

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Should you leave a voice mail when using the telephone to prospect?  The answer to that question has been debated by sales people since voice mail was invented.

Some believe that leaving a voice mail is a complete waste of time.  Since prospects will never return your call, it is more productive just to hang up and dial another number.

Top producing sales professionals, on the other hand, have a different view.  They always leave a voice mail, no matter what.  Granted, the chances may be low that you will receive a return phone call, but those chances are higher than if you just hang up the phone and never leave a message in the first place. You are there anyway.  Why not leave a voice mail?

Voice mail is a fact of life in the sales profession!  Most sales people, however, still don’t know how to properly leave a message.  You must entice the prospect to call back. “Hi Mr. Prospect, this is Sam Salesperson.  Please call me back.” is just not good enough!

When you leave a voice mail, make sure you do everything you can to increase your chances of having your call returned.    One tip is to always leave a different message for the same prospect. Script a series of voice mails, each with a different benefit statement. With persistence, sooner or later one benefit message will induce the prospect to return your call.

The way you speak when leaving a voice mail is just as important as what you say.  Don’t rhyme off your name and phone number so fast that the recipient must listen to the message more than once to get it.  They will delete it before they will listen to it again.  Slow down and always speak clearly.

To help you with this, when you are leaving your phone number, write it down at the same time.  This will ensure you are speaking slowly enough so that your voice mail recipient will be able to write it down too.

In fact, you should always leave your phone number twice to ensure the prospect writes down the right phone number.  This is especially important if you leave messages with your cell phone as it is common for these devices to cut out.  Sometimes all your recipient can hear is, “613-???-?295″ so they have no way of calling you back if they wanted to.

Should you leave a voice mail?  Absolutely!  The next time you question whether it is worth it to leave a message when prospecting, remember the rule of 3 in 18.  It states that a prospect has to hear of your company name at least 3 times in 18 months before they will even remember your name.  A voice mail, even though they don’t return you call, counts as one of the three.

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