Simple Things for a More Positive Attitude and a Happier New Year

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Over the holiday season, I happened to catch a segment on our local Ottawa morning show with Suzanne Nourse of the Protocol School of Ottawa as a guest.  I have been told many times that I have a positive attitude.  What I didn’t realize until seeing this segment was how much kindness and civility in my day to day life helps to give me that.

You can view Suzanne’s interview on CTV Morning Live here.

In the interview, Suzanne talked about starting the New Year off by doing little things like making eye contact and smiling, saying please and thank you, even letting someone into traffic.  She recommended putting our smart phones down and declaring dinner time as a technology free time so we can better engage with those around us.  One of Suzanne’s best recommendations was to use social media for good and not engage in all those political rants and nasty comments, and more importantly, unfollow those that do.

Then it hit me.  I do that, as do many people I associate with. We all do that and are all happier because of it.  We are well mannered and show respect to everyone we meet, be it friends and family or total strangers. We have declared no screen time in our house between 5 and 7 pm.  We simply don’t interact with negativity on social media. We learned long ago that the more kindness and civility we show others, the more kindness and civility is given us in return.  The net effect of all of this is that day to day life is less stressful and more enjoyable and we have a more positive outlook as a result.

Want to have a more positive attitude and a happier New Year?  Start by holding the door open for the next person you meet.

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