The Right Questions To Close The Sale

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Have you completed the sales process, however the customers still are not buying, even when you are saving them money?  Perhaps you need to ask better closing questions.

Closing a sale should be a logical conclusion to your selling process.  However if at the end of the process your customers do not see value in your solution, they will not buy, no matter what the price!

A closing question that works well is “Mr. Customer, in your opinion, is this proposal the right solution for your organization today?”  If your prospect says yes, great!  The customer sees the value of your recommendation.  Pull out the contracts!

However, if your prospect says no, or hums and haws, he is not yet convinced of the value of your solution.  You may need to resell the benefits of your solution, or you may need to rework the solution itself.  The prospect may also need to see further proof that you can do what you say you can do.

Sometimes a prospect will disguise his no as something like “I don’t have the budget.”  Just take the objection out of the equation.  “Assuming you had the budget, Mr. Customer, in your opinion do you feel that this is the right solution for your organization?”  If you still do not get a yes, you have not revealed the true objection.  If this is the case with your prospect, use a questioning technique like the one outlined in the eBook, Action Plan For Sales Success.  It will give you detailed instructions on the techniques you can use to uncover the true objection so you can keep the sale moving forward.

Go back over the prospects in your sales funnel and ask the “Is this the right solution for your organization today?” question.  If you don’t get an immediate yes, then perhaps you may need to go back to resell the value.

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  1. There may be chance that you are putting your all efforts to convince the customer, but the problem is lack of knowledge or guidance, so i advise all of such a hardworking salesperson that you have potential but you need a little bit more training.

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