Why Your Prospect Can’t Return Your Voice Mail

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It seems like one of the most discussed topics in the online sales networks these days is how can sales people get more prospects to return their voice mail messages.   My answer to you is, regardless of the actual message itself, you first have to stop making the mistakes that make it impossible for the prospects to return your calls even when they want to! 

The biggest mistake sales people make when leaving a voice mail message is they talk too fast.  Many sales people ramble on for more than a minute in a disjointed uninteresting message, only to fire out their phone number as quickly as humanly possible at the end.  The prospect, finding it impossible to make out the call back number, can do nothing else but to delete the message and hope the sales person speaks more slowly when they call back the next time.

This common voice mail mistake is evidenced in an online post where one prospect commented that,  although he was actively in the market to buy the product that the sales rep was selling, he finally had to give up after he tried to make out the phone number five times.

To prevent this, write down your phone number at the same time you say it in your message.  This will ensure you are speaking slowly enough so that your voice mail recipient will be able to write it down too.

Taking this a step further, make sure you always leave you phone number in your message, regardless of how well you know the person at the other end.  The recipient may have pulled messages from a different phone outside of the office, or your number may be buried in a file on their desk, well out of reach. If you don’t leave your number, they literally may not be able to call you back.

Not only should you always leave your number, but you should always leave your number twice.  The reason is that, even in this day and age, cell phones are not 100% reliable.  Sometimes all your recipient can hear is, “613-???-?295″ so they have no way of calling you back even if they wanted to.  Leaving your number twice virtually eliminates this problem.

If you are not sure how your messages sound, leave a co-worker a voice message just as you would for a client, and then ask them for feedback.  Did you speak slowly enough? Could they write down your number?

Remember, if you want to improve your call back ratio, you first need to ensure that you are making it possible for the prospect to return your call in the first place.

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