Year End Job Search, Don’t Stop Now!

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Twice a year we hear from sales people who say “it’s summer time no use in job hunting now”. The same thing happens at year end.  We regularly hear “no one ever hires in November or December so why should I be looking now?”

Companies are always looking and yes the numbers will drop in the summer and at the end of year but this provides serious job searchers with an advantage. If the number of people actively looking drops during this time then the number of competitors for that job has also dropped.  This provides a great opportunity for job seekers who keep looking.

Many companies hire in the New Year and the smart ones are gathering resumes and candidate profiles right now so they will be ready to hit the ground running when they are ready to start the hiring process.


 Robert J. Weese

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3 thoughts on “Year End Job Search, Don’t Stop Now!

  1. As an active job seeker I am seeing a recent uptick in activity which indicates employers may have dragged their feet in 09, but are now looking to fill slots for 2010.

  2. I agree as well, Kevin. Also, I stopped ending any presentations with Q&A a while back in favor of keeping it interactive & engaging.

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