You Need The Right Keywords In Your Resume!

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Many companies and HR departments are now using software to scan the resumes they receive. Therefore, you need to make sure that your resume includes the words that the scanners are looking for. Otherwise you may be passed over in the prescreening process, even if you are the ideal candidate.

To find the keywords that you should include in your resume, check out some sample ads for the types of positions you are seeking. You will quickly see which phrases are commonly used by recruiters. 

For sales positions, I highly recommend that you include the basic job function words like “sales”, “b2b” and “business to business”. In fact, many qualified candidates in our profession have been ruled out by scanning software simply because they didn’t have the word “sales” anywhere in their resume. Other keywords you could include are “new business development” or “account management”.

Remember, even the best resume won’t get you an interview unless it is reviewed by the recruiter. To increase your chances, make sure you include the right keywords.

For an honest assessment of your resume from a business to business sales expert, join us for our job search coaching we have helped many sales professionals through this process. In fact, a recent testimonial said “With (his) coaching and his help improving my resume I am getting on average 3-4 calls a day. It’s insane. I know which jobs to definitely pass up but there are some “interesting” opportunities coming my way.”

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