Your Email Signature Should Include the Right Information!

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Use an automated signature for your emails that includes your return email address, your phone number and any other contact information that is important. Don’t make your prospect hunt for your contact information when they find something in your email that makes them think, “tell me more!”

Your email signature can be a great marketing tool as well. A prospect won’t buy from you unless they think they can trust you. Testimonial quotes are a great way to quickly and easily build that trust. Use them often and use them everywhere. Simply put, you can never provide too many testimonials!

Remember to ask yourself, “Is it that your prospect is not interested, or that you are not interesting enough?” More motivational quotes.

For more information, automated templates and detailed instructions on how you create headlines that will open prospects’ doors, check out my book Action Plan For Sales Success.  It includes specific techniques and tools that you can use to impact your sales immediately.

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